The new Verizon LG Spectrum

The new Verizon LG Spectrum is a terrific phone. Works great. Voice clarity excellent. Very light to hold, great display, all features work great. Fast downloads.An excellent device.

I would definitely recommend trying this phone if you’ve been thinking about getting a DROID RAZR or a NEXUS. The Gorilla Glass screen is beautiful and it’s absolutely huge, but incredibly responsive and quick. With all the great features you could want, 1.5ghz dual core, 1GB RAM, 20GB of memory.. IPS screen with 329ppi 1280by720 the camera is great too 8mp with 1080p video recording and play back it also has this app smart movie HD where you can edit your videos or add music to them. all in all a great device to go a store and pick one up. LG UI is very user friendly once you get used to it.

LG Spectrum Pros:

  • Fast processor easy to use smooth touch screen. thin light design.
  • Beautiful screen with excellent color rendition
  • Nice big sceen but the phone is large in hand
  • Ease of use friendly application displays
  • The amazing HD IPS screen quality makes watching netflix like you would at home

LG Spectrum Cons:

  • the battery life could be better but its powered by android
  • short battery life usb on top of phone is very awkward.

Specifications. Click here